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What are the benefits of the Proficiency Certification? DICT issues a Certificate of Proficiency, which serves as the foundation for the CSC to grant special ICT eligibility. The test is a mechanism for assessing an individual’s ability to perform programming or systems analysis and design functions. CSC grants eligibility to IT specialists 20 November 2019 Information technology specialists who passed the […]


The Teachers handling the tutorial are all licensed Teachers, some of them are holder of two licensed. These Teachers are Trained in many Teaching Strategies to handle the learners that is why your son or daughter is in good hand.

College Entrance Test Tutorial

These are the topics and coverage in College entrance test: The test battery includes four parts:  (1) a 45-minute, 75-item English test; (2) a 60-minute, 60-item mathematics test; (3) a 35-minute, 40-item reading test; and (4) a 35-minute, 40-item science reasoning test. In this Tutorial Center we will discuss all this topic by means of Online and Offline Discussion.

Teachers Board Review

Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) is given two times a year to education graduates. Successful examinees will be eligible to practice their profession and will acquire a license for teaching. It is usually held every March and September in different testing centers nationwide. Different Topics in the Teachers Board will be discussed like: Professional Education General Education For Every majors like Mathematic, Physics, […]

Civil Service Review

According to the CSC the Examination will cover the following scope: Notes: The Sub-professional level also has similar coverage but doesn’t cover Analogy and Logic but has Clerical Operations questions. We will discuss this thoroughly by way of Online and Offline discussion.