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About Us

About Us

            This Tutorial Center was formed by the initiative of few intelligent and futuristic Teachers in the Department of Education to help the learner and the Professionals to develop their professional growth in their different fields. These Group of Professional Teachers have their own field of Specialization in the different subject areas like Mathematics, Physics, English, History, Filipino, Science and even in the field of Technical Education Skills. After several meetings and collection of ideas to the different subject areas they had come up to the ideas to form a Tutorial Review Center. One of the edges of this Tutorial Review Center is they have their online review using the Learning Management System. This tutorial Review Center can accommodate outside their locality who wants to participate in their tutorial.

            This Tutorial Review Center is one of a kind so far in the other Review Center due to its online ability to conduct Tutorial using the Learning Management System. The said Tutorial Review Center can cater the Professional Career for Civil Service, Licensure Examination for Teachers for Secondary and Elementary. We also cater the incoming College students who want to pass the Entrance Examination. Aside from the online review we have also an Offline face to face Tutorial but on a schedule basis especially for those nearby places. Again, contact us to this cellphone number for more inquiries 09693408444.